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October, 2015


Nazi Gold Train Allegedly Found in Poland

As the Soviet Red Army was closing in on the Nazis during World War II, it is rumored a Nazi gold train left Breslau, which was part of Germany and is now known as Wroclaw. However, this train never reached its destination, leaving many to wonder what could have happened along the journey. Recently, a pair of treasure seekers, one from Germany and one from Poland, claim they have discovered a 490-foot train, which may have been this fabled lost treasure.

What Is on the Train?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions many people have is what could be found on this mysterious Nazi gold train. Finding gold is always the top priority of treasure hunters, but what exactly will they find if this is indeed the famous lost treasure of the Nazis? While many believe there is plenty of gold on the train, on its way out of dangerous territory to be hidden away to avoid becoming the spoils of war, others believe because it was a war train, it is more likely to contain weapons, which may include bombs that are still active and could detonate.

The Danger of Exploration

One of the biggest reasons the train hasn’t yet been discovered is due to the dangerous area in which it would likely be located, coupled with the fact that there is no guarantee the train can be found. If it does exist, it is likely located inside one of the tunnels carved into the mountains near the Czech Republic, which would mean there could be a dangerous buildup of methane gas, increasing the risk of explosion during the excavation process. For this reason, it is critical for trained, experienced professionals to be called in if the train has indeed been located.

Has It Really Been Discovered?

While this pair of treasure hunters claims they have identified the location of the Nazi gold train, they have thus far refused to reveal their findings until they can be guaranteed a return for their incredible find. They are currently asking for 10 percent of the lost treasure, which could be worth millions of dollars. Once they receive a guarantee of this reward, they will provide the information required to the appropriate authorities so the train can be located and excavated with as little risk as possible.

Even though World War II ended 70 years ago, there are still plenty of mysteries that are yet to be revealed. This lost treasure and the prospect of finding gold is just one of them. If this train has been found, this will be an incredible part of history that can be put to rest. If it turns out the train has not been found, the search will continue by treasure hunters who are after not only the fortune it contains, but also the fame of being the one to find it.

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