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The 2016 Presidential Election: A May Update

Learn about the latest in the presidential election.

The Republican party has recently gained a new presumptive nominee: Donald Trump. This fact creates yet another surprising turn of events for the presidential election. Dropouts have been a frequent occurrence for the Republican party. Some may feel Trump’s succession of the GOP nomination is an inevitable event, especially in the face of other happenings within the party. We’re here to help you keep up with the goings on of the election so far and who’s left in the candidacy runnings.

On the Independent Side…

  • Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor and 2012 GOP competitor, is running for the Libertarian party and has been since January 6. He scored a large amount of favor in the form of 1.3 million votes the last time he ran for office, which bodes well in the eyes of Libertarian politicians.
  • Jill Stein is both a doctor and citizen of the state of Massachusetts. Like Johnson, she also vied for presidential candidacy back in the year 2012 but didn’t succeed. She now runs under the Green Party, for which she has been aligned since 2012. She is currently poised to become the prime candidate for the Green Party, potentially evidenced by the amount of favor she won when she first ran for presidential office. Back then, the votes for her totaled almost 500,000.

On the Democratic Side…

  • Senator Bernie Sanders has won massive favor from the progressive-minded of the Millennial generation thanks to his pushing for more equal policies and better assistance for the disadvantaged. Prior to his run for president, he was part of the House of Representatives, where he served from 1991 to 2007. While he has lost quite a few states to Hillary, time will tell which of the two will come out on top.
  • Hillary Clinton has come a long way from being the First Lady, having built a successful political career in her own right by serving as current President Obama’s Secretary of State. She has made many attempts to run for presidency, her most notable before this year being against President Obama prior to his succession of his first term. She and Sanders seem more evenly matched, with the two of them upsurging each other frequently.

On the Republican Side…

  • Businessman and The Apprentice star Donald Trump has managed to beat out every other hopeful Republican candidate as of May 4, perhaps to the surprise of many. However, he lacks support from many heavy hitters within the Republican party, who feel Trump’s views and deliverance of said views are too extreme. His status as the last one standing, however, ensures his chances of becoming the GOP nominee for the Republican party.

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