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January, 2016


Election Central: Learn About the Democratic Candidates

Learn about the Democratic candidates.
Learn about the Democratic candidates.

The Democratic candidates bring their own experiences.

Regardless of your political stance, the upcoming 2016 presidential election is some of the biggest news to sweep the country. It’s important as a potential voter to learn all the facts before casting your ballot. For Democrats, this means learning about the 2016 presidential election candidates on the Democratic side, and what they have to offer to American politics. Here’s a list of who to look out for.

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee is a recent convert to the Democratic party, having formerly served as the Republican governor of Rhode Island. He joined the Democratic side in the year 2013, after supporting President Obama during both elections and being staunchly against the Iraq War when he was a Republican. He is also a legacy candidate, whose family has been involved in the US political scene for generations. He is the ideal candidate for voters who hope for the US to join forces with Iran and/or Russia, or try to rejuvenate the United Nations.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton is perhaps the most noteworthy of the Democratic candidates because she has promoted herself from First Lady to a powerful politician in her own right. She is part of President Obama’s administration, having served as his Secretary of State. Despite the controversies surrounding her supporters, the Libyan diplomat attack and her emails, she is a strong candidate to consider. If you’re on the Democrat side but desire a candidate with bite in their foreign policy plans, Clinton would be the best choice.

Jim Webb

Jim Webb has the advantage of extensive experience, from working as a senator to his writing career to his time serving in the Vietnam War. He also used to be a Republican but changed parties. Some of his journalism work is ammo for controversy, but he is the best candidate to choose if you are in support of the nuclear agreement President Obama set up with Iran or if you want someone more hesitant over military action who has personal experience on the battlefield.

Martin O’Malley

O’Malley is, interestingly, both a musician and a politician, having served as a rock band member and the governor of Maryland. He has been criticized in the past for potentially exacerbating police violence against black Baltimore residents with his policies on crime, which—at the same time—were also responsible for lowering the rate of crime in the state. Voters who support higher taxes and protection of undocumented citizens during the process of immigration reform will like O’Malley.

Bernie Sanders

A former Independent candidate, Sanders has surged in popularity due to his call for equality and social reform. He identifies as a socialist, and his strongest desire is to introduce reform to the wide income gap that currently blankets American workers. He proposes free higher education, an increase of minimum wage and a larger overall government.

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Election Central: Learn About the Republican Candidates

Find out more about the Republican candidates.
There are a lot of candidates running in the 2016 presidential election.

The 2016 presidential election features a lot of candidates.

As the 2016 presidential election draws ever closer, it will be up to the Republican side of the American public to narrow their votes down to one candidate. However, with the number of Republican candidates running, it can be difficult to know who’s who and what they stand for—and how their politics will benefit the nation. To help you stay informed, we’ve compiled a list of all of the 2016 presidential election candidates running under the Republican party.

Donald Trump

You likely already know Donald Trump from his two reality shows—The Celebrity Apprentice and The Apprentice—as well as his notorious real estate ventures. He began entering the political scene in the late 1980s. He is the go-to candidate if you are concerned with border issues because he aims to up the ante on border security. The rest of his beliefs are either unclear in their conveyance or lean more toward liberal thinking.

Jeb Bush

As both a member of the Bush family and the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush has a strong background in politics. He grew Florida’s population and fought for gun rights during his governorship, but his conservative stance has lost some of its teeth as the years have worn on. He leans toward raising taxes and how much the government spends on public welfare.

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum leans more toward the social side of conservative thought than anywhere else. He speaks up against the push for same-sex marriage and abortion law reform. However, his stance on governmental economics is weak. While he appeals quite strongly to the middle class, he verges upon being against free-market trade.

Dr. Ben Carson

Thanks to his exemplary career as a pediatric neurosurgeon, Ben Carson’s politics stem mostly from his experiences with and knowledge of human anatomy. He is severely against Obamacare, same-sex marriage and abortion law reform. However, where he stands on other issues, such as Israel and gun control, remains ambiguous.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio also hails from Florida, where he served as a junior senator. He is a powerful conservative candidate on nearly all fronts, save for being pro-Obamacare and pro-amnesty.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie is one of the strongest supporters of school choice. However, he remains weak when it comes to other political matters, such as foreign policy and gun control.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul is another junior senator, hailing from Kentucky. However, because of his father’s reputation, Paul has sought to create a separate political identity for himself. He shines in the realm of budgeting, privacy and federalism. However, when it comes to moral concerns or foreign issues, his opinions muddle.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a newbie to politics and is known for his extremely strong stance on almost every issue. His weakest subject is free market.

John Kasich

As Ohio’s governor, Kasich has an ample political background, yet his ideals have weakened over the decades. His only remaining strength is his stance on foreign policy.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee is one of the famous candidates, whose strengths lie predominantly in moral and social concerns. His other values, as well as his ethical behavior throughout his career, leave much to be desired.

Carly Fiorina

As the only woman out of the Republican candidates, Fiorina is in a unique position that’s only exacerbated by her lack of political experience. She is actually Hewlett-Packard’s ex-president. Her politics rely more on her personal background than her political stances, which all lean toward the weaker end.

Keep Yourself in the Know

For more information on the upcoming Republican presidential election and the Republican candidates, visit us. We’re the number one source for national, international and economic news.

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Could the European Recession be Permanent?

Will the European recession last?
Will the European recession last?

The European recession is still having a major impact.

According to a new report released by the IPPR, the European recession’s worst effects, such as unemployment, are at risk of becoming permanent as time goes on. This report, part of JPMorgan’s New Skills at Work program, studies the lasting effects of the EU recession.

The Numbers

According to figures released in the study, almost 28 percent of the European economy’s working population is currently inactive, with about 10 percent facing unemployment. In addition, the report found the European recession is also causing underemployment rates of just under 6 percent.

The IPPR also took a look at the UK, finding despite solid employment growth and increasing wages, productivity is still a challenge for workers in the UK. Output per hour worked is about 17 percent. This figure is much lower than what the UK saw before the EU recession hit.

The study by the IPPR found the UK’s training efforts for employees has also fallen by about four percent in the last eight years, more than any other European economy. Cuts to education and adult skills mean apprenticeships could fall well below target rates, meaning many entry-level UK workers could have trouble finding good jobs in the near future.

The Solutions

In addition to releasing this report studying the effects of the EU recession, the IPPR will host and also address these challenges at the European Jobs and Skills summit. This event brings together both business leaders and policymakers from all European economies. Here, they will launch yet another report that studies employment trends and skill development in the EU28, as well as Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Spain.

According to the IPPR, the long-term decline in workforce skills means policymakers in the EU will have to work to create better training programs and encourage lifelong skill development, which will allow workers to grow, earn higher wages and boost productivity. The report also warns continuous underperformance of these European economies caused by recession and financial crises could become structural issues. Several challenges, such as rapid technological advances and other economic development, mean continuing changes in the workforce. If underemployment continues, workers may find themselves unable to perform in the workplace, leading to skill gaps when looking for new jobs.

The IPPR goes on to highlight three priorities needed to meet the challenges of the recession: tackling youth unemployment, upgrading skills to boost productivity and matching training to needed skills. These improvements will help break the cycle of recession, while ensuring the EU’s working population is able to get back to work.

For more financial news like this, subscribe to our blog. XPSNews works to bring you the latest information so you can stay informed.