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Thursday, January 28th, 2016


Election Central: Learn About the Democratic Candidates

Learn about the Democratic candidates.
Learn about the Democratic candidates.

The Democratic candidates bring their own experiences.

Regardless of your political stance, the upcoming 2016 presidential election is some of the biggest news to sweep the country. It’s important as a potential voter to learn all the facts before casting your ballot. For Democrats, this means learning about the 2016 presidential election candidates on the Democratic side, and what they have to offer to American politics. Here’s a list of who to look out for.

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee is a recent convert to the Democratic party, having formerly served as the Republican governor of Rhode Island. He joined the Democratic side in the year 2013, after supporting President Obama during both elections and being staunchly against the Iraq War when he was a Republican. He is also a legacy candidate, whose family has been involved in the US political scene for generations. He is the ideal candidate for voters who hope for the US to join forces with Iran and/or Russia, or try to rejuvenate the United Nations.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton is perhaps the most noteworthy of the Democratic candidates because she has promoted herself from First Lady to a powerful politician in her own right. She is part of President Obama’s administration, having served as his Secretary of State. Despite the controversies surrounding her supporters, the Libyan diplomat attack and her emails, she is a strong candidate to consider. If you’re on the Democrat side but desire a candidate with bite in their foreign policy plans, Clinton would be the best choice.

Jim Webb

Jim Webb has the advantage of extensive experience, from working as a senator to his writing career to his time serving in the Vietnam War. He also used to be a Republican but changed parties. Some of his journalism work is ammo for controversy, but he is the best candidate to choose if you are in support of the nuclear agreement President Obama set up with Iran or if you want someone more hesitant over military action who has personal experience on the battlefield.

Martin O’Malley

O’Malley is, interestingly, both a musician and a politician, having served as a rock band member and the governor of Maryland. He has been criticized in the past for potentially exacerbating police violence against black Baltimore residents with his policies on crime, which—at the same time—were also responsible for lowering the rate of crime in the state. Voters who support higher taxes and protection of undocumented citizens during the process of immigration reform will like O’Malley.

Bernie Sanders

A former Independent candidate, Sanders has surged in popularity due to his call for equality and social reform. He identifies as a socialist, and his strongest desire is to introduce reform to the wide income gap that currently blankets American workers. He proposes free higher education, an increase of minimum wage and a larger overall government.

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