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December, 2016


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The presidential elections were a tough contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the former managed to secure a win by a small margin. It has barely been a month since Trump won the presidential elections and already a recount for the votes has been announced. While Trump is busy selecting his cabinet, Hillary supporters are keen on turning things around for the president-elect. Recounting votes is a last-ditch effort by supporters to help Hillary Clinton take over as the 45th president. But current reports show that even by a long shot, Hillary’s chances of winning are slim.

The recount has caused a stir amongst Hillary supporters in the country who are confident that the voting results will have a drastic effect on everyone. They also believe that the recount results will be ruled in favor of Ms. Clinton.

It will be interesting to see how the figures stand after the recount is over. The voting system has been questioned since the beginning of the elections and many have expressed concern over the system being outdated. But security officials have said that it is by far the most secure way of voting and previously they have not faced any problems with the system being rigged.

Image credits: Pixabay

The three key states

The voting results of three key states which led to Hillary’s loss – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are gearing up for recounts. Votes recount will take place in Michigan on Wednesday while Wisconsin is getting ready for its three million votes recount on Thursday. Pennsylvania is soon to follow suit. The three states account for 46 of the total votes in Electoral College. If Hillary somehow manages to win the votes in her favor it could very well remove Trump from his position. But it will also trigger a nationwide panic among citizens and hint at a possible rig in the voting system. It will take approximately 35 days to conclude the voting results and Hillary supporters have their fingers crossed.

The need for a recount bid

The recounts were initiated by Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate. Jill challenged the results of the elections in the state court. The Stein campaign plans on recounting the votes this Wednesday in Michigan. The recount was initiated because questions about the election being hacked have been raised in the last few weeks.

Even though the campaign led by Ms. Stein and Hillary Clinton have not found any evidence of foul play, they have still insisted on a recount just to be sure. Trump beat Hillary by a margin of 100,000 votes and Ms. Stein believes that a recount might have significant effect over the result.
Even during the presidential election, the threat of hacking was a matter of concern for both party members and government security officials. Although it had been proved that hacking into the voting system was next to impossible, evidence of Russian hackers stealing information stirred up debate amongst security officials. The main question the Stein campaign is focusing on is that of the validity of voting machines. They want to make sure that the voting was clean and ethical. The possibility of malicious software corrupting the voting machines has been ruled out by many but J. Alex Halderman thinks otherwise. Halderman is a professor teaching computer science at the University of Michigan believes that hacking into the machines is possible by introducing corrupt software. The goal of the recount is to tally paper records with that of electronic records. Forensic analysis experts will be involved in the process and they will look for evidence of unaccounted votes.

The recount bid has mostly been urged by Hillary’s campaign members and her supporters. The support of Jill Stein has strengthened their confidence.

Chances of Hillary winning

It is quite possible that the recount results will be different from the original votes but it will be a herculean task to remove Trump from his position. In the three states combined, Trump leads by a total of one million votes. In individual states the margin might be narrow (22,177 in Wisconsin, 70,638 Pennsylvania and 10,704 Michigan) but even then, it will tough for Hillary to manage a win. For a recount, the margins are just too big for Hillary’s campaign to overcome. If she and her campaign manages to steal a win it will be a feat not previously seen in the history of voting recounts in America.

President elect Donald Trump reaction to the recount

Donald Trump has slammed the vote recount as fraudulent and baseless. His campaign would monitor the situation but they are confident that it won’t change anything. Jason Miller, Trump’s spokesman, has called Jill Stein “a joke” and believes that she is not fit to ask for a vote recount. He has also gone ahead and said that the recount is “a scam” by the Stein campaign to raise funds for the Green Party.

The president-elect has tweeted saying that it is not possible that a million voters could be involved in illegal voting. The allegations are not only false, but they also hint at a crack in the voting system in America. Mr. Trump believes that the recount will benefit Ms. Clinton and anyone else has nothing to gain out of it.

Mr. Trump is positive that the results will not have any effect on him and his presidential dreams are exactly where they were before.