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DNC Email Leaks Cause Controversy at Convention

The DNC is a bit separated at the moment.

Controversy recently started at the Democratic National Convention when WikiLeaks exposed almost 20,000 emails from the top Democratic National Committee officials. The leaked emails were from January 2015 through May 2016 and may have suggested officials were working against Bernie Sanders’ campaign, rather than remaining neutral.

While these emails caused plenty of controversy, officials, and even the FBI, are investigating how the emails were hacked and leaked to the public. It’s believed the hack was a result of Russian attackers trying to help Donald Trump’s campaign. However, no matter the source of the hack, the resulting fallout has been severe.

The Fallout

One day before the DNC began, Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced she would be resigning immediately following the convention. Wasserman Schultz has faced criticism in the past, but some of the leaked emails tied to her were damning. Some of the email exchanges made clear she was against Sanders and his campaign. Naturally, Sanders was not pleased when the emails were brought to his attention.

Since it’s believed the Russians leaked the emails as a way to help the Trump campaign and hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances, it appears that mission was accomplished.

How the Email Leaks Could Hurt Hillary Clinton

If nothing else, the emails displaying a lack of support for Sanders’ campaign is a black eye for the entire Democratic Party. Among other things, the emails targeted Sanders’ faith and credibility. This shows the instability among the leaders of the Democratic National Committee members through their ability to turn their backs on one of their own. Since these are the same people backing Clinton, who knows what could have been said behind her back as well.

Does This Help Trump?

Donald Trump has been vocal in his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Because of that, it’s easy to see why the Russians would be the primary suspects for the hack and subsequent leaked emails. Creating any sort of blemish on the Democratic Party as a whole will only help Trump’s campaign. It’s especially ironic the Russians potentially chose an email hack as their method of attack, since Clinton is supposedly under investigation for previously destroying emails that contained sensitive information. The FBI will continue to investigate the most recently leaked emails, but since the damage is mostly done, it seems Trump benefitted the most.

At this point in the presidential campaign, people are looking for any sort of instability that would cause them to think twice about voting for that particular candidate. Of course, there are good and bad qualities in both Trump and Clinton, but this situation is particularly a black eye for the Democratic Party as a whole. The best way the Democratic National Committee can handle the situation is to right the ship and instill confidence back in the party to create a better strength as a whole.