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Mexico’s Foreign Policy: Mexico May Be Switching Its Approach Toward the United States

Did you know Mexico's foreign policy is changing.?

Amidst other events unfolding within North and Central America, Mexico has recently instated a new United States ambassador. This has occurred at the hands of Enrique Pena Nieto, current president of Mexico, who hopes to turn over a new leaf with regard to how Mexico and the United States interact. Claudia Ruiz Massieu, the foreign minister of Mexico, remarked during a San Diego trip that Nieto hopes to foster a stronger means of communication between the two countries, hence the choosing of a new ambassador who will be able to fulfill that goal.

About Mexico’s Political Stance Toward the United States

Evidence, or perhaps context provided by recent events, suggests this change in Mexico’s foreign policy may be the result of words imparted by current Republican GOP nominee, Donald Trump, who has expressed strong anti-Mexico sentiments throughout the whole of his campaign. Massieu remarked upon the United States’ relationship with Mexico, citing it should be a wholly positive experience for both sides. The financial connection shared by both countries, from her point of view, should bring them together and generate mutual benefits. She also pointed out border conflicts and how citizens on either side were not misplaced. In the process, she mentioned those who are against immigration on either side are the ones who are mistaken. Furthermore, she stated the idea of separating both countries from one another through the border is an ill-planned move that will only bring mutual harm.

Mexican and United States nationals met in the city of San Diego to oversee the Cross Border Xpress’s unveiling. The Cross Border Xpress is meant to serve as a new doorway between Tijuana and the United States, accessible by way of a bridge people can walk across.

What This Means

Trump’s campaign stance may not be the only cause toward Mexico changing its foreign policy dealings. Unrest seems to be growing at large within the United States, particularly toward Mexico, which in combination with Trump’s outspoken views, is generating attitudes within the American public that are ultimately anti-Mexico as well. Mexico is considering how it handles its relationship with the United States in response, and its decision could ultimately be interpreted as a protective measure. As a result, Miguel Basáñez, the previous foreign ambassador of Mexico, has been been removed. Carlos Sada Solano has been elected in his place.

Armed with ample political experience, including a position as consul general across the United States, Solano has been deemed the best choice for the position for reasons unstated. However, Massieu remarked Mexico hopes to reaffirm the country’s identity and foster more neutral stances toward Mexico within the United States.

Time will tell where events sway and how successful Mexico’s foreign policy efforts become. In the meantime, we at XPS News are here to keep you up to date. Keep in touch with us to stay in the know about both foreign and national affairs!