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Trump Revises Immigration Order

President Donald J. Trump’s new executive orders concerning immigration does not include blanket bans to be imposed on citizens of Iraq. These, and a number of other revisions are brought in to allay any diplomatic and legal concerns. The White House on March 1 canceled any plans for the president to sign any revised travel ban on March 2. This is third time for the Trump administration to step away from the matter. Trump has previously said that dangerous people could enter the United States if a prohibition is not put in place.

<strong>Original order</strong>

The original executive order by President Trump, now put in cold storage by the courts, had stopped citizens of seven countries- all of them predominantly Muslim- from gaining entry into the United States. Refugees were also barred from entering the country. During its implementation, the State Department had undertaken the action of provisionally revoking thousands of validly issued visas. Many people were in transit at the time of it being operational. These passengers to the United States were deported or detained when they landed at American airports. President Trump had said that the ban was a necessity for security reasons- an argument nullified by the courts.

President Trump has earlier pushed his administration to enforce the immigration laws much more aggressively. This permits the Federal government to locate, deport and arrest those who stay in US illegally. These actions were done even if no serious crimes were committed by them. The documents released at that time pointed to the wide ambitions of the President of the United States. Crimes committed by undocumented immigrants were to be publicized. These immigrants will be stripped of their privacy protections. There were also the enlistment of local police officers to do enforcement duties. New facilities for detention to be constructed and the discouragement of asylum seekers were also on the anvil. All these measures will speed up the deportations. The policies target unauthorized immigrants who smuggle children into United States. As per new directives, the parents of such children could face prosecution or deportation on charges of human trafficking or smuggling. The memo asks parole to be used as little as possible and directs the top echelons of the three principal immigration agencies to issue clarifications on what conditions parole can be given.

More customs and immigration agents were to be hired by Department of Homeland Security. The administration is considering to increase the number of personnel by 10,000 more customs and immigration agents. An office will also be carved from within Customs and Immigration to assist families of those who were killed by undocumented immigrants.

<strong>New order</strong>

Officials familiar with the matter said that the new order can be expected to be inclusive of a number of significant variations from the original. The new order will exclude legal permanent residents and present visa holders. It will also desist the imposition of blanket ban on visitors from Iraq. The country continues to have a sizable number of US forces on its soil. The US military has enlisted the help of Iraqis to fight the Islamic State. No exceptions will be granted for religious minorities. This corrective action was pushed in after critics pointed out that the rule discriminated against Muslims. This law will also not be effective immediately after its signing.

According to people in the know, further changes could be a possibility as the situation continues to be unstable. According to Lt. General Stephen Townsend, he has heard that Iraq will not be included in the coming order, and warned that he has also heard the opposite. Lt. Gen Townsend commands the American led coalition inside Iraq. When expressly asked about his concerns about the possible inclusion of Iraq in new executive order, the military professional praised the Asian country as an ally and a partner of the United States.

<strong>US military view</strong>

The Lt. General fulsomely praised the Iraqis for their help. He said that the Iraqi forces are protecting the US military in Iraq and both the US army and the Iraqi army are fighting the enemy which threatens both the countries. A few days ago, Townsend had said that the reaction of the Iraqis to the Trump ban was mature and sophisticated. He assured that the security forces of both the countries were relieved with the suspension of the executive order. The military officer said that the armed forces continue to be focused on the objective. He added that the forces are now waiting to see in what way the future unfolds.

The decision to sign the order later happened when people praised Trump on social media for his excellent speech to Congress. The August body had met for a joint session. The speech was highly regarded, with about 70 percent of the viewers saying that Trump’s words made them optimistic about where the United States is going. About 75 percent said that the present president has all the right priorities to improve the United States. It is to be noted that the political affiliation of viewers who watched Trump’s speech have a dominant GOP tilt.

There was no clarity about why plans were canceled by White House to make the new executive order a permanent one. An official from the White House admitted that making an image for the administration could be a possible reason. The official said that they want the executive order to be implemented in its most media friendly moment. The spokesman for the White House declined to give an immediate answer.